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ESTA is a mandated check for traveling to the United States.  Passengers traveling to the US through any mode of transport either through the air or by sea will be subjected to this Automatic Travel Authorization.  This Electronic System checks the traveler’s details such as Name, Passport Number, period, etc.  In a secure way and would analyze the need towards the travel on proper justification.  All the travelers will be accepted based on satisfying the VWP only and ESTA directs them to the VWP requirements and only on satisfaction of the VWP eligibility, the traveler would be eligible to travel. Children irrespective of their age also have to undergo the ESTA process either they travel alone or if accompanied.  ESTA adds to an additional security scan to Homeland Security to analyze the purpose of the travel of the passenger under VWP.  The United States Government secures the data of the passengers highly and is strictly accessible only to the concerned.  Unauthorized persons cannot have access to the personal details of the passengers who have approached through ESTA.  Boarding to the VWP passengers without ESTA acceptance will be denied.  

The purpose of applying ESTA:

Electronic Passport becomes a must for the ESTA approach. The passport must contain an Electronic chip that gives personal information about the owner of the passport.   Also, the process of ESTA must be carried out well before the travel and only on confirmation from the VWP, the tickets can be booked for travel.  The DHS scans the personal data of the passengers before granting access for their travel and if any suspect against violation of U.S. Laws will be produced to the National Security Agent. 

  • The entry will rest on the hands of the United States Customs on passenger’s arrival.  However, entry through Canada and Mexico's land means would not require the process of ESTA to be carried out. 
  •  Apart from the United States, the Passenger can travel to territories such as Islands of U.S, Puerto Rico, Mariana Islands, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam on ESTA confirmation.  Also, Passengers with valid visas need not undergo the ESTA process.  
  • The ESTA stores the data of the passengers for a maximum period of two years and is highly secured.  Also, the data becomes invalid if at all the passport expires within that period of 2 years. 
  •  The DHS then handles the data for an additional period of 1 year for security reasons. 

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