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Ducted AC Maintenance: What Can I Do Vs What Professionals Can Do?

Ducted ACs cost a lot of money to install. Not doing proper maintenance can seriously affect the working of this type of air conditioner. So, if you don’t want your money to go down the drain then you should perform regular maintenance of your ducted AC. Now, there are two ways you can go about ducted AC maintenance. One is to go the DIY approach and do it all by yourself or call in a professional. Let us assess which way is better for you by comparing the two.

DIY Ducted AC Maintenance

There are a lot of ducted AC maintenance tasks that you can easily perform yourself. For instance, cleaning of the filters is a simple job which only requires you to get your hands dirty. These filters are essential for the cooling mechanism of the air conditioner and cleaning them regularly is of utmost importance. Sometimes cleaning the filters isn’t enough and you need to replace them regarding ducted air conditioning brisbane. This task can also be completed easily without needing professional support. In addition to the filters, the coils of the air conditioner, especially the evaporator coil, need cleaning too. This cleaning doesn’t require any special tools and can be done with just a vacuum cleaner.

Professional Ducted AC Maintenance

The professionals perform the ducted AC maintenance in a more thorough and complete manner. They assess the working of the air conditioner first and then go about systematically checking all of its components. Even the tiniest of issues will be detected and resolved in this sweep of the ducted air conditioner system. From the filters and the evaporator coil to the fins and the air vents, everything will be cleaned and checked twice to ensure their proper working. Aside from the thoroughness, the professional ducted AC maintenance provides you the guarantee that your air conditioner won’t encounter any issues in the near future.

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