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Scientists claim that mosquito bites a person more often when some people do not tire at all who have a scientific reason. Similarly, the substance of the disease causes mosquito bites only when it is in the condition of eggs.

A mosquito is enough to shed the whole night's comfort, but it is generally observed that a person is tired of mosquito when another person in the same room is bleeding at mosquitoes.

It is an observation that everyone offers their own priorities, and many stories are also known in this regard, such as human skin color, sweat, blood group and hair structure attract mosquitoes. However scientists do not seem satisfied with these preferences.

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Some medical experts say that all types of mosquitoes are the best adornment of carbon dioxide and as soon as the body extrusion carbon dioxide spreads into the atmosphere, the mosquito reaches its hunt despite darkness. In addition, mosquito mosquito lectik acids and ammonia also target their prey.

However, new research has come up with some other things related to the overall quality of glands found on the human body, which is called "microbabota" in the scientific language. An article on Richard's Payne on the Web site, The Convergence states that human skin is found to be a large number of different glands (bacteria); and mosquito is not due to our skin, but also due to germs. We attack or ignore us

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You may be surprised to know that over 10 million bacteria are found in every square inch of human skin that can be 300 or more. These bacteria generally do not cause harm to us, but they can become (or not) to attract mosquitoes. Some substances that occur in bacteria very rarely, reach mosquitoes in shape of fever, and their sensitive system feeds them easily. In the same reaction, they either start stroke or ignore someone to cut it.

Microbotota of any human being remains very similar during the entire age, which is not a way of thinking in changing artificial ways. That's why only this can be said that if your microbata is safe and there is no attractive to mosquitoes you are happy. And if the combination of bacteria found on your skin is such that the mosquito is in its direction, then it is necessary to be careful.

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Comment by Loop Kelly on April 8, 2019 at 2:57am

Getting rid of mosquitoes is a difficult task, we do take a few steps like removing stagnant water, using natural mosquito repellents, covering our body, trying to eat indoors, using products to apply on the body. Many people want an organic mosquito control solution because they don't want to harm themselves when they apply the solutions which are meant to kill them.


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