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The most famous network types today are LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). These two networks are usually labeled on the basis of their coverage vicinity. Given under are a few points that differentiate these two networks.


Typically, a local area network exists in a house or a university campus, whilst a wide place network exists over many office homes separated by a full-size distance. The office buildings in a WAN can be in one-of-a-kind countries or even continents. For example, the headquarters may be in the USA, the regional office may be within the UK, and the branch workplace may be in India. The people in these three homes use a Wide Area Network to collaborate with every other. The Internet can also be taken into consideration as a WAN, with the Ethernet being a classic instance of WAN.

Wide Area Network (WAN) has a lower bandwidth, for that reason slowing the network. The pace of a WAN can move up to one hundred fifty megabits in keeping with a second. This means the rate of a WAN is one-tenth the speed of a LAN. Though WAN is slower, it is used extensively to share information. An exceptional example of WAN is the Internet. The information at the Internet is on the market throughout continents. However, a WAN can not share laptop peripherals, so a computer in one country cannot use a printer in every other country. To installation, a WAN, a modem and a router is needed. Thus, if an additional tool desires to be added to the network, a router wishes to be configured and connected to the others inside the network. As the wide variety of gadgets in a WAN are more than the ones connected in a LAN, there may be an extra want for a monitoring tool. A special-reason computer is used, whose handiest motive is to send and receive records from the Internet. Leased strains or satellites are used to connect devices in a WAN.

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