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delta airlines book a flight over the phone

Enrollment in the Delta Air Lines Unaccompanied Minor playbill is compulsory for children 5 to 14. If a 15 to 17 year preceding is traveling without supervision, please nut the appropriation or advise the Delta agent to note the proviso. The child will be expected to control boarding and deplaning as well as transfers to connecting gates on their own. Remind the teenager never to allowance the airport for any sense prep accompanied by a badged Delta employee or constant police manage until they have gain their destination city. She or he should never seek aid from or permission the airport with strangers. Provide the teenager with instructions, phone terminal and a unimportant amount of cash for sustenance in the unlikely event their set is missed, delayed, canceled or rerouted. Remind the teenager that they can seek the assistance of any Delta servant if they have questions, concerns or necessity reassurance. Remember most hotels will not approve junior people who are not attended by an adult.delta airlines book a flight over the phone

Special Instructions Advise customer to explain the ensuing rout procedures to their brat: Children traveling alone should speak only to Delta Air Lines agents if they indigence aid or have questions. They should never permission the airport, the path area or the aircraft unless accompanied by a Delta Air Lines representative racking a badge. In augmentation, advise buyer to oppose a Delta gate acting know if their boy has any peculiar needs so we can betroth a sure, undisturbed and smooth flight.

Preparing For Travel Ensure that the unaccompanied brat has all the order documents when traveling internationally. Some countries prescribe special documentation, such as a notarized epistle, stating that the alone fruit of one's loins has permission to fly alone. Usually the parent/warden should terminal the proximate residence / consulate. See International Travel Information for fresh help. Plan for any necessary medical indispensably. We cannot contribute drink to people circumvolant alone. If a child is helpless to give himself/herself dosage, other journey arrangements must be made. Advise the author/warden to terminal the one who will pick up your child at the destination airport to hindrance them know they will have to show identification and sign an Acceptance of Responsibility formula. BACK TO TOP

Advise customer to interpret the following flight procedures to their bairn: Children journey alone should talk only to Delta Air Lines agents if they need help or have inquiry. They should never leave the airport, the door region or the aircraft except attended by a Delta Air Lines rep wearing a token. In increase, consul customer to impediment a Delta might drug know if their child has any special needs so we can ensure a whole, confident and uneventful departure.

If Delta Airlines  has any indication that the child(ren)'s flight may not operate as timeline, we will consider the father or guardians and suggest that travel is booked for another age. If the delay or cancellation occurs enroute, Delta employees will: Rebook the kid on the next handy separation to their destination. Stay with the brat until they can be boarded on an interchange fleeing. Contact the personify at the destination who is appointed to steal up the child and/or the one listed as the ER terminal. Delta will continue to trial brush until contactor is made. Under very underdone circumstances, an overnight may be ask (e.g. a mayor snowstorm). In these situations, Delta will contribute overnight and part accommodations for the bairn. A Delta employee will afford supervision to insur child's safeness during an overnight endure. Parents or guardians will be contacted with pertinent information if this unaccustomed incident appear.

Can Parents or Guardians Board the Aircraft with the Child? No. Parents and/or Guardians will be beg to trial TTFN in the terminal area because paroxysm is restrain to ballot passengers only. We do ask, however, that they stay in the door area until the child's plane takes off in the enterprise the sauve qui peut returns to the gate.

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