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Crazy Otto Portable Edition

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About This Game

In 2016's CRAZY OTTO you and up to seven of your friends have a job to do. Run the maze, eat the dots, grab the cake, dodge the dinosaurs.


Title: Crazy Otto
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Extend Mode
Extend Mode
Release Date: 12 Jun, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.6GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Versi

English,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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It's u2665u2665u2665u2665ing awful. Don't even think about buying this as a joke, it is fundamentally broken. 10/10 would recommend.. For the uninitiated, "Crazy Otto" circa 1981 holds a special place in arcade history as the game that would eventually become Ms. Pac-man after being acquired by Bally Midway. When I first saw this appear on the upcoming releases list, I was floored. After 35 years, the "prototype" version of Ms. Pac was going to be an actual product that I could purchase and play on Steam. I couldn't have been more excited! Unfortunately, "2016's Crazy Otto" as it's being called by developer Extend Mode isn't exactly the game I was hoping for. Yes, there are striking similarities between their version and videos/gameplay of the original that can be found on YouTube and other streaming sites. However, anyone going into this thinking they are getting the actual Crazy Otto arcade ROM from decades gone by will likely be disappointed. Fortunately though, that's where most of the negatives effectively end with this version. 2016's Crazy Otto is a very capable Ms. Pac-man clone that both looks and plays the part successfully. The graphics, sounds, and gameplay all capture what the Pac series (and it's seemingly endless number of derivatives) felt like in the early-mid 80's. Of course, this version of Crazy Otto changes the formula up quite a bit to provide a different experience and challenges. These changes include "bonus fruits" appearing in different positions, power pellets replenishing, and character positions not resetting (game keeps going) when Otto dies. These help to differentiate Otto from the plethora of other Pac-man clones both past and present. They've even included a multiplayer mode that looks pretty fun and frantic, especially if you can gather up 7 other people (and controllers) to play locally. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be an online MP component that would making sourcing people to fill those 7 spots all the more easier. During my time with the game, the controls have also become a slight point of contention. While mostly serviceable, they can feel a bit slippery and imprecise when playing with the analog stick on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One gamepad. Support for the D-pad (which seems to have been omitted) tends to clear this up, but more recent official Pac-man titles seem to do a better job with analog stick inputs than Otto does. Nonetheless, 2016's Crazy Otto does enough things right to warrant a purchase from both old-school and newer Pac-man fans alike. While us classic arcade gamers are not quite getting the original Crazy Otto with this release, we're getting a game that borrows enough from that title, while adding quite a few interesting features that change the gameplay just enough to make it feel fresh and fun.. Don't do it. Not even for a quarter. Why? It is not finished. Back in the day, no brick and mortar store would have sold this. Why? It isn't finished and when the customers come back saying "Hey, You sold me some bum you know what. I want my $$$ back Yo" and the store owner would pull this game from the shelves. It seems almost there but my first issue is movement is horrible. Pac Man moves up and down and left and right while this little guy and an xbox 360 controller , doesn't stay in line and gets hung on corners. Next is graphics issues- it does not like being in a window and crashes. Bummer as I was looking forward to playing, as I do with every game I spend $$$ on. I even bought a set of Trading Cards before playing. Think I will just seel the ones that will drop when I next run it and just let it idle. Then I will free up the space on my H.D. for something I would play. Its been nearly half a year since this was listed for sale and by now such simple things should have been fixed and the game more polished.. twitch steam youtube soundcloud : CSuperSioux I know nothing of the apparent history concerning Crazy Otto but this game is "Pac-Man" and it includes a multiplayer mode where your friends can play as the "ghosts" (Crazy Otto's family and dinosaurs). I haven't played the multiplayer mode because, as usual, I lack friends that play/want to play these types of games. The game itself has the potential to be buggy, especially so in terms of the display -- transitioning between full-screen and windowed is not something that this game likes to do. Also, the controls, for whatever reason, manage to sometimes feel "inconsistent". All of that aside, assuming that you can get the game to run and you buy it for the right price (I bought it during a sale), this game is genuinely fun, even in single-player mode, partially due to the inclusion of leaderboards.. When you learn the true art of Ottoing and maintain your qualms, come to me, we may be kin enough for you to compel me that the journey we both shared was not indeed a good one.. An interesting approach to the Pac-Man formula and a bootleg game if I ever saw one, but a suprisingly entertaining bootleg I bought this game on impulse thinking it was actually related to the Crazy Otto game that Ms.Pac-Man was originally, but don't let that fool you, this is NOT that game This is a local/online take on Pac-Man where you can have up to eight players control the dinosaurs and the Otto family, up to six dinosaurs and four otto "people" This game feels like a pure rip off of Pac-Man, (right down to the color of the first 4 dinosaurs matching the ghosts) but with varied mazes and a suprisingly interesting approach to the formula, this feels as though it's almost like an homage/rip off hybrid game But don't get me wrong there are problems with the game, the main problem with the game is the controls and moving. I never imagined that a game maker could mess up WASD and somehow make the "input detection" feel a bit off or delayed, but this game somehow managed to mess that up, not to mention I payed 7 bucks for this game, and after playing the game for a few minutes, I feel as though a better price would be 3 dollars or 4 dollars at most What was most disappointing tho is that you can't do a single player game as the "ghosts" To conclude this review of Crazy Otto, the game is a fun and unique take on the Pac-Man formula, but has it's problems and it needs to be addressed/patched, just don't expect much for the single player content and note that multi-player is where this game shines.

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