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Santa was preparing to deliver presents for boys and girls all over the world, but nasty Grinch has broke Santa's sleigh and he fall down on the North pole and lost all pre 5d3b920ae0

Title: Christmas Santa Troubles
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Sports
Unknown Indie Devs
Unknown Indie Devs
Release Date: 24 Apr, 2018


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The game itself is pretty boring really but the reason I requested a refund is simply that the image links for the achievements are broken. You get the achievements but don't see anything but broken links.. The game itself is pretty boring really but the reason I requested a refund is simply that the image links for the achievements are broken. You get the achievements but don't see anything but broken links.. The game itself is pretty boring really but the reason I requested a refund is simply that the image links for the achievements are broken. You get the achievements but don't see anything but broken links.. The game itself is pretty boring really but the reason I requested a refund is simply that the image links for the achievements are broken. You get the achievements but don't see anything but broken links.

The voice of Dark Souls to sing on My Brother Rabbit! : Artifex Mundi has partnered with Emi Evans the voice behind NieR: Automata and Dark Souls to collaborate on a song "Dreams", together with Arkadiusz Reikowski (Layers of Fear, Kholat, >observer). Recently, the duo met in London to recap the project and record a brief documentary about the experience that you can watch here: The song Dreams is available for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube, soon on Spotify and iTunes. ---- My Brother Rabbit is a beautifully drawn exploration adventure and puzzle game set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a childs imagination. The game will be out on September 21st on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Humble Bundle, GOG, Windows Store and Mac Appstore.. Irony Curtain Premiere TODAY with 10% OFF! : Comrades! Were at the finishing line of accomplishing a dream weve had for a very long time publishing our own point and click adventure. Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love is now live! Throughout the years of avid gaming, sleepless nights filled with solving puzzles and laughing at all the jokes we kept dreaming of bringing something to the table, enriching the genre somehow and now we put Irony Curtain in front of you to gauge how we did. We tried to give you a classical point and click with all the things we loved about the old-school games such as the Monkey Island series, but also do something based on the experiences that shaped us such as the reign of communism in Poland, which affected most of us in one way or another. We joked about Irony Curtain being Deponia meets Papers, please and we hope its true! Its a classic point and click adventure, with a story that will keep you hooked, with fleshed out, relatable characters, full of humour and well-placed easter-eggs, riddles that will keep you puzzled, with a familiar interface, known from other pnc titles all that without the elements that made us grit our teeth in the classics the riddles can be solved by rational thinking (no dream logic!), some of them even have more than one ways they can be solved, it has good music created by Peter McConnel and Arkadiusz Reikowski and will keep you entertained for up to 10 hours! So, were calling on all point-and-click fans we know youre out there! Play Irony Curtain, tell us how we did! We hope that we managed to bring you a wave of nostalgia, laughter and some insight into the absurdities of communism. If you'd like to reach us, please don't hesitate to check out the Steam Forums .. Creating dialogues in Irony Curtain : Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love is a game full of different characters talking to each other. In fact, some puzzles can be solved only by choosing the right dialogue option. Thats why in todays episode of Behind the Irony Curtain wed like to tell you more about the process of creating dialogues in our game. Writing dialogues is just the beginning of the process. There are over 5471 lines of text in Irony Curtain and every one of them needs to be properly inserted into the game, to make sure all characters say exactly what Game Designer wants, in the exact time and place. Heres how it looks in Irony Curtain: 1. Every game character usually has more than one dialogue line. One of the ways to operate it is to use logical TRUE/FALSE flags. These flags helps us determine the state of knowledge of a specific character or whether an event of which the character speaks has already taken place. 2. Each dialogue is built in the editor as a separate tree consisting of successive nodes connected with each other by lines defining the order in which the dialogue of the character appears. 3. To be honest, writing dialogues is just filling the form fields. It looks more or less like this: Create a new dialogue in the editor and give it a name. Then inform Level Designer about the circumstances in which it should be launched (eg. when Evans checks on the Prisoner); Create the first Node (a red dot on the editor screen) and enter the necessary information (into the form on the right side of the screen): Who is talking The Dialogue text (or several dialogues if they should be drawn) (Optional) The Dialogue text when repeating the talk (Optional) If the dialogue happens not on the location but on zoom whose head and on which side should it be displayed (Optional) Text display time (its useful when testing the game without recorded Voice Overs which determine the text display time in the finished game) Where the text should appear on the screen (e.g. over the character or over the radio speaker) (Optional) Actions to be made before or after the dialogue (e.g. acquiring an item or activating a logic flag character X already knows about Y") Create another dialogue node and fill it in Connect the first node with the second one Rinse & Repeat ;) 4. After creating the entire tree for all the dialogues we generate so-called keys. Keys consist of the location number, dialogue name, text position in the tree and the first letter specifying the character. 5. Thanks to this we can assign a specific Key to a Node, and not just the text. All texts with Keys can be saved to a shared Excel sheet with different languages. As a result, the different language versions of the game have the appropriate dialogues. That is all in this episode of Behind the Irony Curtain .. Irony Curtain: Revolutionary Update #2 : Comrades! Our Leader has granted us another glorious update! If you appreciate our work for the bestest country in the world, dont forget to write a Steam review! The newest revolutionary update includes: fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting MG Floor Run (For Real This Time); fixed a blocking bug that might occur on MG Switchboard; fixed a bug that changed the mouse cursor into MG Brick Wall cursor after saving the game; fixed a blocking bug occurring on Palace Courtyard with invisible Choir Leader not allowing Evan to use the ladder; fixed a blocking bug that made throwing a photo into trash almost impossible; fixed a blocking bug that allowed Evan to use oar on the curtain in Leader's Chamber after finishing a minigame; fixed a blocking bug that might prevent the train at the end of the game from stopping; fixed few typos in English and German language versions; fixed a few minor navmesh errors; fixed position of a few dialogue pivots. IMPORTANT! We are trying our best to ensure that fixes work for the games that have been already started, but you might be forced to start the game again in some cases (e.g. bug with throwing a photo into the trash or using the oar on the curtain after finishing the minigame).. The making of stop-motion animation in Irony Curtain : Comrades! Today wed like to introduce you to our process of making a stop-motion animation. In one of the previous updates, weve explained what stop-motion animation is and why are we using it in our game . This is how we prepare each asset: 1. The whole process starts with the Game Designer. They prepare a documentation with all animations needed for the specific part of the game. There are several types of animations for example: idle animation, talking, specific animation for beginning or end of the conversation and custom animation. 2. Then the animator prepares everything that was requested in the specification in an animation software (we use Toon Boom Harmony for that). First comes the rough sketch, then the more detailed lineart and some colors and shadows at the end. 3. When the animation is ready, the animator exports each frame as a separate file. Our animations have usually 80 frames on average, so its a lot of files to export! Those files are put into our inhouse tool that does all the magic cropps them, sets the frames size and creates a file that manages animating all the cropped images. 4. Now its time for the Level Designer. They use the graph you see below (a kind of a state diagram) to control which animation should be used in which state (e.g., idle or end of the conversation) by referencing the files generated during step 3.

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