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China City Basketball League was formally established

At 9:00 on March 29 at the Chinese Paralympic Center Auditorium, China City Basketball League CCBU was formally established. China's well-off leadership, basketball experts and the country's 21 provinces, 40 cities nearly 100 representatives, jointly launched the China City Basketball League CCBU. China City Basketball Union CCBU by the Chinese well-off committee in charge of the public basketball league. The first batch of 40 cities to join, across the country 21 provinces. As the start time around the different, Authentic Bruce Bowen Womens Jersey really formed a "across the year 12 months, every month new game" situation. 2017 annual tournament points will be divided into three stages of the city, regional and finals. There will be more than 2000 teams, nearly 30,000 athletes directly participating, is expected to race more than 5000 games throughout the year. Become China's longest duration, the largest coverage, the most influential one of the most popular basketball tournament. At the same time, all events will be the Internet live, each division will use advanced Internet tools to organize and manage the event, which is the history of Chinese basketball did not have the initiative. Compared to other popular basketball organizations, China City Basketball League really absorbed the essence of the NBA, there is no host and contractor, planning and implementation of the distinction, each joining the city, are the owners of the Union, they want to contribute to the Union, will also Equally enjoy the benefits of the league. China City Basketball League by the Mars basketball APP founder Mr. Zhang Decai led the initiative, as an Internet company, Mars basketball will be their own technical advantages also brought to the Union operations. Authentic Alex Smith Youth Jersey China City Basketball Union will be in the spirit of "professional services, network organization, the division of the Union" principle, for the Division to create a complete Internet event organization system, to enhance China's public basketball tournament organization and publicity level, so that ordinary enthusiasts also Can enjoy the professional level of service competition. Union will continue to improve the upgrade through the live system, the perfect technical statistics system, timely and detailed news reports, to build based on mobile Internet technology, high standards of public basketball operating system. http://www.authenticyankeeshop.com/authentic-13-alex-rodriguez-jers... Making high-tech really applied to ordinary basketball enthusiasts who. At the same time, the league will also shoot a large documentary "basketball on the Chinese", about the front line basketball event organizers story, to create a Chinese people exclusive basketball history! China City Basketball League CCBU creation, and China will be well-off village basketball CBV, Mars basketball APP, the formation of complementary advantages, urban and rural areas complement each other's iron triangle situation, together for China's 300 million basketball enthusiasts online and offline integration platform! Conference, the Union City representatives, Chuzhou Basketball Association Chairman Mr. http://www.officialnationalshop.com/authentic-34-bryce-harper-jerse... Wang Zhiyong, also presented to the promoters Zhang Decai presented all the city to join the signature of the "Tadarin" brand basketball. The brand is also the league designated clothing and game ball supplier. At the conference site, but also to the Union consultant, Peking University professor, well-known international referee Ma Lijun, Beijing Sports University Professor Bi Zhen, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor Han Jun, co-founder Hou Jiyong issued a consultancy certificate.

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