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Challenging Adventure To Du Gia In Ha Giang

Those who love travel, discover the route from Mau Due to Du Gia always bring unforgettable memories, all bikers express their discourage when mentioned the journey, the nickname "miserable road" was given to this hardest stretch of road as the most difficult road in north Vietnam. The route from Du Gia to Mau Due in Ha Giang province has attracted how many bikers, it takes almost a half day when the weather is good, when it rains and fog you cannot tell how long, the 75km stretch of road along the mountain path, full of sharp rocks coupled with towering slopes about 11-12 degrees and full of desolation. We started the tour to Ha Giang township about 25km to Bac Me and then turned to Mau Due, leaving the main road about 10 meters we hit the rocky path, those who come on this road for the first time feel shocked by the bumpy path that makes your motorbike bounces up and down. Along the endless winding road the scenery is very spectacular, with the mountains, rivers, jungle all combine to make it a magnificent picture, sometimes you see a little waterfall on the road side, before your eyes in the distance are rice terraces on the hillside where Hmong people raise corn, an unresistable attraction of Ha Giang. At the place from Lung Ho commune to Mau Due township, all steps are stopped at the Sa Ly and Na Lau cultural hamlets, Yen Minh district of Ha Giang province, these are the villages of Red Dzao people perched on the peak of the mountain surrounded by the most beautiful rice terraces, the tiled roofs houses connected together as an art installation by someone purposely created on this highland, the blue smoke from the houses even gives the picture warmer colours. Both villages still retain the natural rustic beauty Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, innocence as the color of the rocks around the existing gray stone plateau. Crawling on the edge of the cliff at a speed of 5km/hour and we arrived at Du Gia commune at 16 Online Newport Cigarette Store.00, we stop for a rest at a tea stall, all the way from Du Gia to Mau Due, a mountain peak is followed by a valley pass Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, we came to Lung Ho when the sun just set, we had to keep riding 35 km through Ma Pi Leng pass to come to Meo Vac Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, our destination for the night Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.
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