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Challenges Faced When You Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Often people are addicted to something without ever realizing they are addicted Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. Often they don TMt realize they have an addiction until they decide to stop whatever it is they are doing. Smokers are often like this. They often say they could quit smoking cold turkey whenever they choose. Unfortunately, as the millions of people who try to quit smoking cold turkey each year find out, it TMs not that easy. Anyone who tells you it is easy is either lying or has never tried Online Newport Cigarette Store. To quit smoking cold turkey requires commitment, dedication and a real desire to quit smoking. It also takes support from friends, family and co-workers Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. Here are a few of the challenges you may face when you try to quit smoking cold turkey. Perhaps the biggest hurdle one has to overcome when they quit smoking cold turkey is a spouse that also smokes Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. Situations can be avoided, places boycotted, etc. but it TMs very difficult to shut out your spouse. A compromise must be reached. The best case would be to get your spouse to quit smoking also. However, they often are unwilling to do so. The next best thing is to work out a compromise where they agree not to smoke in your presence and to brush their teeth after they smoke. This will help avoid the triggers that make you reach for your cigarettes. Friends who smoke can also be a problem when you try to quit smoking cold turkey. If you are used to going out with friends who smoke, you can feel very lonely and left out when they go outside to light up. Friends can be a good source of support when you are trying to quit, but can just as easily undermine your efforts. Convincing a friend to quit smoking cold turkey with you will give you a source of support and also an ally when you are out and about. Co-workers can be act in a similar way as friends when you quit smoking cold turkey. They present the same challenges as well as provide the same opportunities. Why not try to organize an office wide quit smoking cold turkey drive Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. This will provide a great support mechanism. Those who try and fail will likely be eager to continue supporting those still on the wagon. When you decide to quit smoking cold turkey, the challenges can be great, but so are the rewards. It can be done, but you TMll need support and dedication.
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