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About This Game

Card Battle Spirit Link is a digital card game that uses a revolutionary Spell Book system! Instead of traditional decks, players place their cards in a Spell Book where ea 5d3b920ae0

Title: Card Battle Spirit Link
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Speedrobo Games
Speedrobo Games
Release Date: 9 Sep, 2018


card battle spirit link. card battle spirit link

Version 0.5.4 Update : Version 0.5.4 Change Log: *New card art *Changed the skills of "Maid Leader, Kathryn" *Fixed the sorting button in the book builder *Audio improvements *Reduced the chance of getting duplicate Leaders in Arena Mode *Added card previews for all cards in the player Drop Zone *New card border layout *Increased base stats by 2 for all non-0 cost Units(Explanation below) *Rewrote card text for consistency and clarity *Small visual improvements More on stat changes: CBSL has a cost/stat relationship as follows: 1 Energy = 4 in ATK/DEF = 2 Damage/Crit. Previously, 0 cost units had a vanilla base line of 1/1/2 and 1 cost units had a vanilla base line of 2/2/2. As such, players were paying 1 energy for a +1/+1 stat increase. This was not consistent with the cost/stat relationship and caused 0 drops to be overvalued. My apologies for this oversight. The issue has been resolved by adding an additional 2 stat points to all non-0 cost Units.. Version 0.5.9 Update : Version 0.5.9 Change Log: *Re-organized the Gallery and Deck Builder card list by Attribute *Added new card art *Added an Early Access Exclusive Spell Book skin, Ancient Scroll *Added Attribute Search function to the Book Builder More on the Ancient Scroll Skin: As a thank you to Early Access supporters, we added a new skin! The Ancient Scroll skin will only be available to Early Access members and will no longer be available when the game officially launches. Thank you for playing Card Battle Spirit Link.. April Update : There will not be an official update to Card Battle Spirit Link for the month of April. We have been hard at work getting Chapter 2 of the story mode prepared, but sadly it did not get finished in time for the April Update. Thank you for your understanding.. 0.5.2 Patch Notes : Hey there Card Battlers, this update is a big one. Here's what we added: *Story Mode *Tips Section *Added displayable Keyword List during Card Battles *New UI elements and Images Here's what we changed and fixed: *Crinceptus' Leader Power fixed *Tutorial made easier *Changed some UI elements and images Thanks for supporting and enjoying Card Battle Spirit Link. We plan to continue to release at least one new update every month.. Version 0.5.7 Update : Version 0.5.7 Change Log: *Changed starting life to 20 for the first player, and 23 for the second player. *Fixed a glitch with "Elder Warlock, Crinsceptus" Leader Power. Previously, the leader power would only activate if there was another Dinosaur in the drop zone after Banishing a card. This has been fixed. *"President's Determination" now grants +0/+8/+0 *New artwork and visual changes. More on changes to starting life: The new starting life amounts (20 and 23) have been implemented in a trial period. This change was made to slightly alter the pace of the game. The goal is to still have fast paced gameplay, yet enable all players to play the game the way they want. Ideally this new life total will let players have more consistent access to their desired combos.. Version 0.5.6 Update : Version 0.5.6 Change Log: *Changed "Battery Fairy" effect *Major fixes and upgrades to A.I. *While hovering over a card in the enemy backrow, it's details will no longer be off screen. *The attribute has been changed to . This change was to prevent confusion between the attribute and the attribute. *Added an enemy energy counter. *New artwork and visual changes.

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