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Calling For The Spirit Filled Church Sydney

Calling For The Spirit Filled Church Sydney


Looking for evidences of Christians who are spirit filled? You want to know if it’s some natural power. Or is it some magnetic personality? No, it’s not. Being a spirit filled individual or following a Spirit Filled Church Sydney is not at all spooky or super natural. An individual doesn’t need to break down and begin foaming at mouth, spout in an unknown tongue or a language or suddenly have the capability of healing some ailment. It’s far more practical than this.

Walking in spirit, to be filled with spirit is the mental exercise which puts the thinking, the desires, and the hopes of people in the hands of the God.


Nature of pastoral calling

The office as well as work of minister of the religion or the shepherd or pastor or the elder, whatever you call him, the work and the office are unique. Anyone can become a pastor, but not everyone may become the pastor. Here, we’re mainly dealing with the specialised office in which the entry is pre conditioned by influences of the divine and humans. There is also a calling which is involved here.

Many a times people say that in local church setting “I’m called but the Almighty to ministry.” A leader of the church which started 5 years back and whose church is rapidly growing in quantitative manner mainly describes this calling by the almighty as occurring through the dream. Another leader also went in the area, took up the residence and started organising the evangelistic outreach. Within just a year’s time, he won some people to God and starts his church.


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