Always Free To Place a Hit On Someone

the country, and to Tillman’s family, about the circumstances surrounding Madden Coins his death. His fellow soldiers were ordered to lie. They burned his uniform and his journal. They lied to the Tillman family. Now, 15 years later, if you squint downrange at history the right way,

a game between the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals on September 11can look very much like a telescoped version of what’s happened to the country over the past decade and a half. It is a strange anniversary every year. As nearly as can be told, the

country didn’t enfold itself in grief on December 7, 1956, on the 15thanniversary of the attack on Pearl Harborbut, then again, in 1956, we didn’t have almost limitless cable television, a 24-hour news cycle, and instant commiseration and insta-grief via content produced across many platforms. And no institutions in our society have the kind of grip on all three of these factors tighter than

the one enjoyed by the institutions of our sports-entertainment Buy Madden Coins complex. They attached themselves to the events on September  almost immediately. They became primary mediators of the national mood. They took upon themselves the role of national grief counselors. They made a little money along the way doing it. https://www.maddenvip.com/

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