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Basketball court flooring and home flooring is the same?

I do not know if you noticed did not, whether it is a basketball court, badminton hall, yoga studio, a dance studio and so on are used in place of , or carpet, and all-wood floor. Actually, sports flooring refers to the wooden floor of sports venues with motion, protection and technical three basic functions.

Between sports wooden floors and wooden floors for civil very different, the first floor is a sports complex, higher-level, higher the material's physical and mechanical performance requirements. In particular competition venues floor, and generally look the same wooden floors, in fact there is a qualitative difference. In basketball court flooring, the first professional basketball court flooring quality clearance, was running back and forth to withstand the athletes at the venue, friction, usually home would not be so frustrating, sports stadiums first floor just wood floor installed in the keel so that the formation of a wood floor space, whether it is sports or protection function and technical functions there is a big flaw.

Later, after the continuous development of sports, more and more value and increasing business profits athlete, basketball court flooring also has been rapid development. Basketball court flooring indicators are fully compliant with the requirements of the country, sports flooring requirements for the floor surface materials for selection, you must select moderate hardness, deformation of the micro. Basketball court flooring long fiber structure (not easy from the thorn) species, in order to relieve athlete damage to the skin, can effectively shock, reduce vibration, noise; unique elastic cushion for hard wood floor basketball court offers unique flexibility and to bear the weight, reducing athletes on the due to bounce brought concussion.

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