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Basic requirements for providing SD-WAN services

In general, SD-WAN services are wide-area networking SDN solutions that are supported in an innovative or upgraded manner based on the needs of enterprise customers. SDN-supported software defines a wide-area network, not only the southbound interface of hardware devices, but also interface protocols such as Openflow, NETCONF, and PCEP. It is not only a centralized SDN controller plus a service orchestration system. Its core feature is Application-aware awareness and on-demand services, and another is the lifecycle management of network construction, user services, continuous delivery, operation and maintenance support, and operational support.

Network engineers who have done network operation and maintenance, especially large-scale network operation and maintenance, should know that the problem of the network is that the hardware device fails, and the second most important one is the manual operation. The WAN of WAN has not been able to reach the forefront of the market, mainly because large networks are facing too many challenges in network operation and maintenance and business operations. Therefore, SD-WAN services should provide end-to-end manageable enterprise connections. Services, with the high quality and manageability of dedicated services, and the low cost and efficient transmission efficiency of the Internet.

The solution to build an SD-WAN requires the following basic requirements:

1. From a business perspective , it can support dynamic connection establishment in enterprise networks, data centers, and cloud environments, and support real-time application deployment, including efficient, secure, and reliable access to cloud services of public, private, and hybrid clouds;

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