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in product formulation or manufacturing process shall not use formaldehyde, halide or aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, the product shall not contain mercury and its compounds; can recycling, and recovery recycling, pollution-free environment of waste. Residential use of ecological demonstration building Shanghai 3R lot of environmentally friendly materials. 3R refers to reducing Easiest Composite Decking Material the use of materials that can be reused and the use of renewable (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) building environmentally friendly materials.

For example, concrete high-performance concrete, reduce the use of concrete in construction; the use of fly ash and slag cement powder industrial waste as a substitution admixture, the reduction of natural resources, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions; the use of recycled aggregate concrete the aggregate waste concrete and construction waste processed into replacing natural gravel, saving natural stone resources, the concrete become renewable and recyclable materials.

25% reduction in natural sand, cement consumption by 15%, within the external walls are made of waste there, aerated concrete or masonry made of masonry from the waste aggregate. Selection of fast-growing wood processing made of wood science and technology, not only completely Diy Swimming Pool Decks preserved timber insulation, insulation, thermostat, humidity control and all of the natural attributes, but also avoid the natural defects of natural wood, but can also imitate a variety of natural resources Jennifer species even more artistic sense of texture and color, greatly improving the utilization of wood and decorative function; selection of wood for recycling old part of the building decoration green decoration materials, 100% environmentally friendly and low toxicity products.

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