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About This Game

Inspired by chess, but adding combat that YOU control, Archon was the original Battle Chess. You must try to outmaneuver your opponent using teams of fantasy creatures or monsters in this epic struggle of Light and Dark. On the chess board, when you challenge a piece, you are teleported into a Combat Arena where you fight in REAL-TIME until only the victor emerges to claim the square on the chess board. Conquer your opponent by defeating all of their pieces on the chess board or claim all the Power Squares for a quick victory! You can play Free-For-All mode, where it's everyone for themselves, or play using teams and gang up on your opponents pieces in battle (2 vs. 1.)

Archon:Classic can be played using USB controllers (the best way) or with keyboard and mouse. First developed in 1983, Archon quickly became a hit and instant classic because of it's unique combination of action and strategic gameplay. We've recreated it to play just like the original, but we've added enhancements for today's gamer. So grab some friends and experience the classic game that started the Action/Strategy genre.

Key features:

  • Up to 4 Player support...pure mayhem in battle!
  • Play in "Free-for-All" or "Teams" mode
  • USB controller support
  • Optimized to run even on on netbooks
  • 3 Different Boards (Modes) to play
  • 4 AI settings with 3 different personalities
  • Various spells to use
  • 18 pieces per team, plus others you can summon
  • Pieces gain experience and level up
  • Primary and Secondary abilities
  • Choose modern or classic icons
  • Fully Featured 1 Player Campaign called, "Conquest"
  • Conquest features 4 campaigns (over 60 quests)
  • Over 16 hours gameplay on Conquest alone!
  • Tracking and Statistics per game (fully featured)
  • Achievements and Leaderboards

Title: Archon Classic
Genre: Strategy, Indie
React Games
React Games
Release Date: 2 Nov, 2010


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This is a game from my childhood. If you didn't play the original, I doubt that you will like it. I would play Archon frequently with a friend. Basically, it's fantasy chess with "living" pieces. When a piece invades an enemy's square, you fight it out. It's simple, but fun.

There is one glaring flaw to the game. There is no remote play option. There is no excuse for not having, what is now, a very standard feature.. This game had lots to promise but the misleading description had me believing I would get multiplayer with this and it only has Local (same room/display) multiplayer that only works well with game pads.

Still a good reboot of a classic game but the lies gives it a 7/10. I love this game, it brings back great childhood memories. Yes, the game is simple for you "youngsters", but it's still worth having in your collection. For one thing: it's freaking fun to play. For another thing, it is a great artificial ego boost for people with Nietzschean ressentiment....if you have no self worth and feel intimidated by intellectually superior human beings, try this game out--it will make you feel like a God! Okay--jokes aside--the game is very simple. If you play it 10 times, you'll be able to clear the board with just the Phoenix character in short order. But seriously, it's still a cool game.
Concerning this developer, I have nothing but respect. I hate Beamdog because they exploit our childhood memories at AAA prices (and they don't even remake the products...they just provide the service of making them run on current machines.) Compare that to this company. They worked their butts off to make an ORIGINAL product, with the option of playing it old school. And then, after all that, they charge an appropriate price. That's what a company should be like. Great job guys!. I was addicted to the original, but this is of course much better. Nice to scratch the itch I had for over 30 years. I like the classic character graphics option. I'm played with xbox controller, I think this would be awkward with the keyboard, but keyboard die-hards probably won't mind. The campaign mode is a nice touch.. Awesome remake of an old (almost obscure) C64 game. Kind of like chess with mythical beasts except you get a chance to fight your opponent in an arena. I love this! thanks for the remake. A wonderful remake of the Atari 8 bit classic Archon. Graphics and sound are fine, but it's the great gameplay that makes this game so enjoyable.
The original Archon only had one game board and no campaigns. This game has many different game boards and some interesting and challenging campaigns. I've put a lot of hours into the campaigns and more than got my moneys worth.. For those of you who grew up playing the original Archon, you will be glad to know this one exists. It has everything the old game did, and offers a lot of improvements. The major thing being secondary attacks. Those were first introduced in Archon Ultra, and these are somewhat similar. There is also the ability to play on different maps some are dependant upon the number of players. ( You can have 4! :D) There is the classic Archon map, maps that allow your guys to level up to level 3, and maps that have runes that provide benefits when you move onto them.
For those of you who feel the base game was fine the way it was however, and don't want all these additions. You are in luck as you have the ability to turn off the secondary abilities so it will play like the base game. In fact they even brought in the old school original Archon graphics for units, as well as updated graphics. The only drawback is the multiplayer is same computer only. No network\/internet. Which hurts it IMO.. It's a fun little game that's like chess, but so much more crazy. It's hard to imagine this game came out like 30 years ago and is still pretty fun to play with some friends or family locally. Definitely worth a whirl once you figure out what game modes and settings you feel are most balanced.. Retro vintage throwback nostalgic classic.

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