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An Introduction to the Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA

Fujitsu is one of the giants in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Japan that has been around since 1935. Even though the company is famous for its IT products, electronic devices and support systems, it has been producing high-quality air conditioners and car audio/video systems. This review gives a brief introduction to the Lifestyle Range Air Conditioner: ASTG12KMCA.

Lifestyle Range

In terms of energy efficiency, the lifestyle range of air conditioners by Fujitsu is considered the gold standard. The human sensor control system embedded in the ACs of this series can control the temperature of a room after detecting the human activity within the room. This system changes the mode of the air conditioner to saving if it doesn’t detect any movement for over 20 minutes. Programmable timers, economy operation and low noise mode are some of the other features which make the products of the Lifestyle Range very easy to use. Air Rite Mechanical and Fujitsu are partners.

Fujitsu: ASTG12KMCA

Description:The Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA is elegance personified. It can blend into any type of home décor because of its seamless design. You would barely notice having this electronic device in your room. It is corrosion resistant too thanks to the Blue Fin treatment applied on its outdoor unit.

You can install this air conditioner in both medium and small-sized rooms. It can adapt to the outside temperature very easily because of having a heating and cooling capacity of 3.7kW and 3.5kW respectively.


  • Depth: 203 mm
  • Width: 840 mm
  • Height: 268 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg


  • Outdoor operating temperature, heating C°:-15 to 24
  • Outdoor operating temperature, cooling C°: 10 to 46
  • Pipe Connection Methods: Flare (Outdoor) / Flareless (Indoor)
  • Maximum Pipe Height: 15 m
  • Maximum Pipe Length: 20 m
  • Pre Charged Length: 20 m
  • Connection Pipe Sizes, Liquid: 6.35 mm
  • Connection Pipe Sizes, Gas: 9.52 mm
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • U. Sound Power Level (dBA)
  • U. Sound Pressure Level 49 (dBA@1mtr)
  • U. Sound Pressure Level: 42 (dBA@1mtr)
  • Compressor Type: DC Rotary
  • Air circulation, High: 200 1/s
  • Fan Speed: 4
  • O.P.-Heating: 4.5
  • E.R.-Cooling: 4.07
  • Moisture Removal: 1.8 1/hr
  • Input, Heating: 810 Watts
  • Running Current, Range: Max 9.0 Amps
  • Running Current, Heating: 4.0 Amps
  • Input, Range: 250-1.380 Watts
  • Input, Cooling: 860 Watts
  • Running Current, Range: Max 6.5 Amps
  • Running Current, Cooling: 4.2 Amps
  • Power Supply Attachment: Outdoor
  • Phase Frequency (Ph – Hz): 1-50
  • Power Supply (Volts): 240
  • Range: 900-5.600 Watts/3.100-19.100
  • Heating capacity: 3.700 Watts/12.600 BTU/h
  • Range: 900-4.100 Watts/3/100 - 13.900 BTU/h
  • Cooling capacity: 3,500 Watts/11.900 BTU/h


The Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA offers regarding ducted air conditioning brisbane a variety of features which have earned it the top position among other air conditioners.

The following are the comfort functions that it has:

  • automated restart – in the event of a power cut
  • auto adjustment of air flow – changes the airflow depending on the room temperature
  • automated louvre shutdown – opens and closes the louvres upon the unit’s start and stop
  • left/right/down/up automated swing louvre
  • 10°C heat operation – sets the room temperature to never dip below 10°C.

The following convenience functions are included by Fujitsu as well:

  • indoor units with ultra quiet mode
  • outdoor units with low noise mode controlling the compressor and fan speeds
  • filter sign – indicates the amount of dust in the room’s air
  • program timer – provides four different options: OFF->ON, ON->OFF, OFF and ON
  • sleep timer – changes the room temperature slowly throughout the night

Energy efficiency is one of the hallmarks of the Lifestyle Range of air conditioners by Fujitsu. The ASTG12KMCA also is extremely energy efficient and offers the following features:

  • economy mode – continuously conserves energy during the air conditioner operation
  • demand control – the air conditioner selects an appropriate operation depending on your electricity supplier since it is compatible with the Air Conditioning Demand Response Program
  • human sensor – unless there is movement, the unit doesn’t work

Maintenance is a crucial factor when it comes to air conditioners and is just as important as its technical prowess. The air conditioners from Fujitsu have panels which can be easily washed and come with two filters of the highest quality. Microorganisms, spores and dust are absorbed by the Apple-catechin filter and an apple-based chemical substance is used for prohibiting their development. Various odours are decomposed by the deodorization filter.


Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Limited offers a 5-year warranty for all of the air conditioning systems it sells in Australia. Get in touch with Air Rite Mechanical to ensure the proper maintenance and setting of your air conditioner.

Bottom Line

The customer reviews are the real judge of the quality of a product. Many of the customers using Fujitsu’s air conditioners are satisfied with the ASTG12KMCA’s performance and consider it to be a cheap, fast, efficient and quiet air conditioner. However, some customers aren’t content with the noise reduction option. They say that the heating mode and the outdoor unit make a lot of noise during operation.

All in all, the Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA air conditioner is quite capable of making your home more comfortable for a very long time.

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