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Original Title: American Ninja 5

Genge: Action,Comedy,Romance





































When a scientists daughter is kidnapped, American Ninja (David Bradley), attempts to find her, but this time he teams up with a youngster he has trained in the ways of the ninja.
This movie has no connections with any of the previous four American Ninja movies. David Bradley plays a new character here. As bad as this sequel is, it's not even the worst sequel in the series. That dubious honor goes to American Ninja IV. Everything is just shoddily thrown together here, but what do you expect with something that is done by the now obsolete production company, Cannon? Everything just screams cheap here, from the tacky villains, the setting, it's all truly terrible. James Lew (The main henchman for the big villain Clement Von Franckenstein ) looked like a Power Ranger villain, with his ridiculous red & black silk cape, and a pendant hanging around his neck, and retractable spikes coming out of his hand like Wolverine. It was extremely cartoonish. He also conjures up ninjas out of nowhere to fight David Bradley. Sound familiar? The fight scenes themselves are rather bland. David Bradley is obviously a skilled martial artist, but there is nothing out of the ordinary, move wise with him. He's also an extremely wooden actor, despite a little bit of natural charisma. He's more in the Chuck Norris School of acting in my opinion. Adding a kid in this movie, was a terrible choice. Lee Reyes (Hiro the kid) was a complete and utter nuisance. He is given far too much screen time, and never shuts up. He seems to be skilled in martial arts, and knows how to cry on cue. That's about the only compliments I can give him. Anne DuPont (Lisa) couldn't act her way out of a paper bag as the love interest. Stars like Norman Burton & Pat Morita look embarrassed to be here. Morita's role is a glorified cameo, and it's weird to see him speak almost perfect English. The film shoddily tries to add emotional impact by revealing family issues at the end to fuel the good guys, but it failed miserably.

Final Thoughts: This is a bad movie. I cannot recommend this to anybody, but at least it's not as bad as American Ninja IV. This movie is obscure for a reason, despite a DVD release. Don't waste any money on it!

3/10 What is there to say. Without Mike, there can't be an American Ninja? The whole A.N. series slumped after part one but 5 was a major disaster. It had no story, no substance, no central idea and a lot of fake action.

Movies like this give movies a bad name.
Several action sequences are cut in the British BBFC-18 VHS due to the usage of martial arts weapons. As of today (Dec. 2009) there's no uncut version available in Britain.


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