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Times have been changing with the speed of light. Though things are changing, there are still many similarities that we can trace back to from when they actually started. Talking about transportation, the transport has had its origin long back. The invention of wheel back then, is still being used in large variety of forms even today. Same goes for waterways a well. Since the time man became sensitized about his land and his belongings and area, he started guarding his own lands. Same we can see today. The lands have taken form of countries and continents and even today a man from any foreign land cannot visit the land of another man without complete consent of the owner. No trespassing is allowed. In fact some regions are so sensitive that if trespassing is even attempted, people can be shot at sight. Such things are now important and much more risky as now terrorism also exists. People if not careful can be confused to be harmful elements. It is possible both in seas and on land. However, on land, there are generally markings that indicate borders and especially the crucial ones.

But when we talk about the ocean, it is very important that the people who are out there on their pleasure crafts as well as the fishermen are careful. Navy is usually guarding the borders and if they finding anything or anyone suspicious they are free to take any action they feel is right. Transport Canada marine boat registration, is one body that takes care of the registrations of all the marine bodies in Canada. Now, there are other two terms that might be used interchangeably but should not be. Registration and licensing. Registering your vehicle is very important. Licensing is the step after registration. Registration body says that it is mandatory to register the commercial vessels. However, when it comes to pleasure crafts if it is already registered as a pleasure craft then there is no need for getting it licensed. But, if the pleasure craft is not registered then you can either get it registered or get its licensing done. Generally, a pleasure craft can work with only licensing as well.

Once the licensed pleasure craft is ready for sailing, you must ensure that you have the license at all times while you are boarding the vessel. If you wish to apply for licensing then, you can apply for it both via mail or online as well. The license for a pleasure craft is valid for ten long years but if your license is approaching the tenth year of completion then you should surely go for an early renewal to avoid any kind of last minute rush or hassle. In case of any kind of changes in your personal information including your address, name or any other information, you must remember to update your pleasure craft license with the same. Rest all the guidelines will be available to you for smooth closure of your licensing and registration process.

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