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About This Game

Lead Aero in his quest to save his beloved Ariella from the evil Andraus. Aero's Quest is a fast-paced, challenging puzzle-platformer that takes the best of late '80s retro gaming goodness, and rolls it up in a delicious contemporary wrapper.
The game features 101 levels full of challenging puzzles and full of platforms divided in 10 different sub-zones, special levels, boss fight, power ups, normal mode and speedrun mode for fast challenges against the time, option to save game and records, in-game rewards and 13 Steam Achievements plus many other options.
Press said that Aero's Quest is where Super Meat Boy meets Megaman. d859598525

Title: Aero's Quest
Genre: Action, Indie
Soloweb Studios, Ravens Eye Studio
Soloweb Studios
Release Date: 8 Jun, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.66 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 160 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any
  • Additional Notes: Recomended to set the option "Graphic Quality" on LOW on older machines


aero's quest

Aero's Quest surprised me. I bought it on sale and I wasn't 100% sure since the graphics are not the best and few reviews were negative. I started to play it and after a while the game really drove me crazy (in a positive way), I just couldn't stop to play. And I keep on playing it. Very positive surprise this title.. My full review is posted on our blog:<\/b>
www.gamemakerblog.net\/indie-game-review-aeros-quest\/\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >Aero's Quest Review<\/a>
Rating: 4.5\/5

Let's start by saying that I played Aero's Quest long time ago when it was in alpha.
I liked the mechanics of the game from the beginning and I have to say the developers made a good job to pack more than 100 levels.
The game is very challenging: perhaps too challenging for the average player but there are many ways to play (speedrun and in-game rewards) that guarantee a good replayability.
Graphics and sounds are ok for this kind of game.

Looking forward for eventual updates!

. Very funny game and 100+ levels for a little price.
Graphics are a bit outdated, Musics are very good, Game-Play is fine.
Good one!. I give Aero's Quest 7\/10
I bought this game only because I saw it in the Steam updates and the price is reasonable, so I can't speak for the game was before but I found it funny and entertaining.
I've seen much better platformers but I've seen also much more expensive titles that are worse than Aero's Quest.
I'm at the last zone right now and I keep on playing because I want to see always the next level even if sometimes I get frustrated.
. Ero interessata a questo giochino, poi ho letto la recensione www.wired.it\/gadget\/videogiochi\/2015\/06\/29\/aero-s-quest-gioco-liguria\/\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/www.wired.it\/gadget\/videogiochi\/2015\/06\/29\/aero-s-quest-gioco-liguria\/<\/a> che ne esaltava alcune parti e ne bocciava altre. Alla fine l'ho comprato: questo gioco e' una figata!
Mi piace, e' divertente e non pretende di essere chissa' cosa.
Davvero divertente e un po' frustrante per la grande difficolta'.. This game is so cute! I like the style, the cuteness of the characters and then the splatter once you die.
Aero's Quest is challenging, I don't know if it is because I'm not really skilly with plaformers or because the game is hard.
I like the idea of many short levels, it keeps the pace very high.. Aero's Quest is one of these games that you need a while to understand whether you like it or not. And probably after a while or you hate it or you love it.
I liked it, nothing incredible but overall a good game.. This game is fun! Hard as hell but a lot of fun.
I think for the price you pay you have a decent platformer, very challenging and quite big.
A good title for the lovers of puzzle platformers.

Note: I read somewhere in some review that the game is broken, I never got a single glitch on my computer.. Aero's Quest is one of these titles that the more you play it the more it gets better.
The very fist impression might not be the best: everything looks fine but nothing really stands out.
When you start playing it seems a very simple and generic platformer until the game starts to kick.
The very first zone is just a tutorial and the second zone (a variation of the first forest) brings out more the platformer part rather than the puzzle part.
When you get in the 3rd zone instead (the volcano) everything starts to change: you see new obstacles, the levels are not linear anymore and few more puzzles are coming out.
The game is a big "crescendo" till the 5-6 zone (where I got so far) where puzzles and platforms are mixing in a great way.
Aero's Quest is hard, very hard: one of the most challenging games of the year and it is long, very long: 101 levels to play in two different modes.
I have to mention the sound: it's awesome! Every zone have its own music and they are all very good.
If you pass the first 10 minutes and the first 20 deaths Aero's Quest can be really a big surprise.. Aero's Quest is a challenging and addictive game. It can be frustrating at times but the desire to push forward to the next level always seems to be there. I really like the art and death animations. Overall a solid game that is good to play after a long day at work. I look forward to getting further into the game.

Kanye Approved.

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