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A Plague Tale: Innocence Torrent Download [pack]

A Plague Tale: Innocence Torrent Download [pack]

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About This Game

Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other. As they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds, they will fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world.

1349. The plague ravages the Kingdom of France. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo are pursued by the Inquisition through villages devastated by the disease. On their way, they will have to join forces with other children, and evade swarms of rats using fire and light. Aided only by the link that binds their fates together, they will face untold horrors in their struggle to survive.As their adventure begins… the time of innocence ends.


Title: A Plague Tale: Innocence
Genre: Action, Adventure
Asobo Studio
Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 14 May, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz)/AMD FX-4100 X4 (3.6 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB, GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7870
  • Storage: 50 GB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Czech,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese

This game was EXTREMELY fun to play and I personally fell in love with the game. I'm not the biggest gamer when it comes to singleplayers but oof, this game owned.

\u2022 No performance issues (Used a 980 for this and had 65-80+ fps and never lagged once on maxed settings.)
\u2022 Nice graphics
\u2022 Controller support
\u2022 Movement, looting and changing ammo is straight forward
\u2022 Sneaking around is hella fun
\u2022 The atmosphere of the Plague, Rats & Murderous men give a real feeling of "don't f*ck up or you're dead"
\u2022 The action can be really intense at times. GLHF

\u2022 Wish the game was a lot longer. Finished the game in around 13-14 hours
\u2022 Game would be more worth the price tag of \u00a325-30.. 40 is a bit much for what you get.

NOTE: No side quests or other stuff, this is NOT some Skyrim, Quest, Quest, Quest, Side Quest, OOOO A cave! type of deal.. This is purely a main story game.

I'm going to leave it there but in all honesty the game is really worth the play!
Good luck to you!. Don't care much for writing reviews on a game. Most folks would make up their minds without this. On the slim chance you would take some unknown person's advice- get this game. A great story driven game with wonderful graphics and haunting soundtrack.. ---{Graphics}---
\u2611 You forget what reality is
\u2610 Beautiful
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Decent
\u2610 Bad
\u2610 Don\u2018t look too long at it
\u2610 Paint.exe

\u2611 Very good
\u2610 Good
\u2610 It\u2018s just gameplay
\u2610 Mehh
\u2610 Starring at walls is better
\u2610 Just don\u2018t

\u2611 Very good
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Not too bad
\u2610 Bad
\u2610 Earrape

\u2610 Kids
\u2611 Teens
\u2611 Adults

\u2611 Easy
\u2610 Significant brain usage
\u2610 Easy to learn \/ Hard to master
\u2610 Difficult
\u2610 Dark Souls

\u2610 Nothing to grind
\u2611 Only if u care about achievements
\u2610 Isnt necessary to progress
\u2610 Average grind level
\u2610 Too much grind
\u2610 You\u2018ll need a second live for grinding

\u2610 Story?
\u2610 Text or Audio floating around
\u2610 Average
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Lovely
\u2611 It\u2018ll replace your life

---{Game Time}---
\u2610 Long enough for a cup of coffee
\u2611 Short
\u2610 Average
\u2610 Long
\u2610 To infinity and beyond

\u2610 It\u2019s free!
\u2611 Worth the price
\u2610 If u have some spare money left
\u2610 Not recommended
\u2610 You could also just burn your money

\u2611 Never heard of
\u2610 Minor bugs
\u2610 Can get annoying
\u2610 ARK: Survival Evolved
\u2610 The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

\u26a0\ufe0f IN MY OPINION \u26a0\ufe0f. Beat all my expectations, and I expected quite a lot given the reviews. The story is incredible, leaving you feeling very attached to its cast of characters. The price is a touch much for the amount of time it takes to beat the game, though in fairness I'm not a completionist. I enjoyed the story and didnt stray looking for achievments.

An honest 9\/10 story with 8\/10 gameplay which is simple yet effective.

Couldnt recommend it more <3. I'll reiterate what I've said in the discussion forum of this game and say, "it's linear...AND I LOVE IT!!!"

In this day in age of gaming, it's all about the open world sandboxes and 100+ hours you can plug into a game. And while I do not hate sandbox games, and there's a lot of them that I DO like, there are also a bunch of them that have TOO MUCH to do in terms of fluffy sidequests leaving the main quests and story very very thin.

What I love about A Plague Tale: Innocence is that it is really really focused. The story moves along at about the right pace it needs to all the while finding casual ways for you to practice the fundamental stealth and slinging mechanics as soon as you start the game. It wastes no time in showing you the ropes and getting the story started.

Speaking of the story, it is incredibly well written and just comes to show how much potential video games have for compelling storytelling. You play as Amicia a 15 year old French princess who is orphaned when The Inquisition comes to her castle seeking to kidnap her little brother Hugo. Your objective is to protect your little brother, who you haven't seen for most of his life, from all the would be kidnappers--all the while trying to survive the plague of rats swarming all over France.

I've had legit feels throughout this game and I think I'm only halfway through it, if not almost. The sibling relationship unfolds in a very natural way. You get moments where Hugo wants to be a normal kid, but he can't be because not only does he have a mysterious illness that has kept him locked up and isolated in his castle, but also because The Inquisition want to take him for a reason I've yet to discover.

This leads to a lot of conflict between Amicia and Hugo where she needs to protect him at all costs, even if it means robbing him of any happiness and comfort because you're almost always on the run from danger. This takes its toll on him as he is just a little innocent boy thrust into all this violence and bloodshed, as well as for Amicia who has never taken in a life before. Now she's forced to choose whether or not she wants to be a murderer all for the sake of Hugo's and her own survival.

Now I can go on forever about the story, but I'm sure you wanna hear about the gameplay. Well, let's just say that at least for me, it's enough gameplay to make me feel involved in the experience. It's a lot of diversion based stealth with OPTIONAL murder, and the interesting thing about the murdering is that you can hear a change in Amicia's voice over time the more you kill. It takes a toll on her conscience and that makes the experience feel grounded in reality. She's not your typical bad\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665and blood thirsty hero, she's a regular young girl forced to make tough decisions.

Don't expect too much bad\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665stealth takedowns akin to Assassin's Creed or Batman games, but at least to me I still think it's pretty bad\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665to sling rocks at dude's heads as well as KO them with a sleeping elixir.

The puzzles are also well done, they rival the puzzles found in Tomb Raider games, though not as elaborate, they can be equally satisfying to solve. Some of them require you commanding secondary characters to do different things and that's a neat way to use them as opposed to having them stand by the sidelines watching the main hero carry the team. This game makes you feel like you are actually as helpless as a 15 year old girl would be and would require some additional help while also having her own level of competence for survival to grow.

Definitely recommend if you want a short and concise experience, and also definitely worth the price in my opinion. This isn't a game you play only once and forget about it. To me this is a story I would like to experience at least one or two more times later down the line like good movies and TV series I've rewatched over the years because there's a lot of details you might miss the first time.

Full price or sale, this is definitely worth your money if you're looking for a gaming experience that has a definite ending and has the linearity of the good old games of yesteryear, mixed in with modern realistic graphics and compelling writing.. Well, let's begin.
Kingdom of France, 1349. Life seems normal for those living in the kingdom, despite having to deal with political unrest and all the difficulties that come from simply trying to stay alive. These difficulties, however, are nothing compared to the terrible calamity that is set to strike the kingdom, a plague brought by some vicious creatures, a plague that destroys everything it touches, whether it is nature, animals or humans. When entire armies fall to this, how could a 15 years old girl and her sickly brother survive after losing their home, their family and everything that mattered to them? A Plague Tale: Innocence is the story of how the will to live is stronger than any danger, and how bonds forged out of necessity can make the difference between life and death.
A Plague Tale: Innocence stars Amicia de Rune and her younger brother Hugo. One fateful day when out hunting with her father Robert, Amicia discovers something sinister that devours life. Hastily returning to the family\u2019s estate, Amicia is soon forced to deal with yet an extremely complicated situation that will change her life forever. The Inquisition is after Hugo de Rune, Amicia\u2019s younger and sickly brother with whom she never truly bonded. Upon the Inquisition\u2019s arrival, Amicia\u2019s mother tasks her with protecting Hugo at all costs, escape the estate and seek Laurentius, who seemingly knows what is afflicting Hugo. Things, however, become more complicated very quickly, as Amicia and Hugo will not only have to deal with the Inquisition seeking them out but also the plague itself, which is starting to ravage the land and spread fear among not only the French population but also the invading English army.
A Plague Tale: Innocence looked and sounded great on paper, but it\u2019s probably even better than most expected. With an emotional and gripping story enhanced by the charming characters, mature storytelling and themes, a great atmosphere and solid gameplay mechanics, A Plague Tale: Innocence is, without a doubt, one of the best games released this year so far. I'm always supportive of when a journeyman developer can come out with a breakthrough project that delivers an uncompromised single-player experience. Having finished A Plague Tale: Innocence, I hope that Asobo can join the likes of Ninja Theory with Hellblade in critical accolades and commercial success for their fantastic effort. While it obviously lacks the polished production values you might find in the Naughty Dog games it's trying to emulate, A Plague Tale makes up for with memorable characters, an involving story, and a lot of "heart," for lack of a better term. The stealth gameplay is mostly competent with the occasional frustrating instafail sequence, the controls aren't always entirely fluid, but really, what you're mostly playing for is the engaging narrative anchored by some great, emotive performances from the two leads. You can tell that this was a project for the studio unmotivated by how many units it would sell, but on crafting a unique single-player experience that people could enjoy. Everybody likes to complain about the current state of AAA gaming with its focus on live services and microtransactions to continually extract money from people, but fewer will actually support truly weird, creative projects like these. I hope people don't make the same mistake for A Plague Tale because it is worth their recognition.. This is a fun Older SIster simulator. Throughout the game, you collect various younger siblings that you need to take care of. They are basically worthless and it really makes you appreciate how much older sisters have to do to take care of their nearly suicidal siblings.

The game uses lighting to control enemy swarms and vision. This is very cool from a technical standpoint, but every now and then, a shadow lands on you because you tried to light a torch from the wrong side of your worthless younger sibling and you get pushed into rats and die. This is not frequent, but it has happened to me ~ 10 times in 8 hours. Luckily, auto-saves and checkpoints are frequent and, reliable older sister that you are, you persevere.

Good game.. The Rats of Us. 10\/10. WOAH!! Pleasantly surprised and pleasantly blown away by this game--it's dope! I just tweaked the .ini file a bit to remove some of the cheesy post-process effects like dirt and lens distortion etc. and to make it run at a true 3440 x 1440 for ultrawide full screen. But other than that I'm loving it right out the gate. Runs smooth at a stable 100fps on ultra even with some Reshade. No bugs, crashes yet. I'm excited to see what they patch or add in the future. I highly recommend it for any fans of Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn or Kingdom Come Deliverance. True hidden gem of 2019 for sure!

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