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A fragment of digital signage displays

Between March 2, 1975, an ordinary day, fine haze of the rain with a fragment of digital signage displays, is flying to the earth. Season it was close to insects, snow will no longer remain, of course, often before landing, will have disappeared without trace without shadow. The less plateau cold and long winter seems to in the past, but the really warm spring was still far away.

In such a sleet days, if nothing urgent matter, people would rather never leave home the whole day. As a result, the high streets and back lanes of county town is much less than normal noise. In the shadow of streets and lanes. Residues in winter snow and ice were eroding under the pounding of raindrops, SLATE flowing dirty sewage everywhere on the street. The wind is still cold. Empty streets, sometimes occasionally see a countryman, broken felt hat to protect his head, and a basket of potatoes or turnips on his arm for weakly buyer. Alas, the town had lost its animation completely in such a day, without a lovely place.

Only big in the embanked courtyard of county high school halfway up the mountain, but has its own busy scene at the moment. Lunch bell has just rung from the rows of digital signage display at random discretion, of the stone cave-houses just ran out of a group of a group of men and women. They put the bowl chopsticks knock blasting ring, treading over mud and water, call to run through and scouring south to the office of general services the foot of one row cave-houses but go to. Such a courtyard, was this tumultuous crowd stampede into a mud pit. Meanwhile, the house in the city of extern, also is the 3322 east gate of the school. They walked with umbrellas, talking and laughing all the way through a period of the long path fenced since early years with horizontal stone plates, and soon disappeared in the streets of the city.

Foot on campus of the south, has now formed by class column more than a dozen road. The helper is busy for all points for each class food. Every meal is registered and paid for the meal ticket yesterday, so the process is not complicated, now on duty just as rice pay each a reservation for a table. Food points a, b, c three classes. A dish is given priority to with potato, cabbage, vermicelli, some greedy big meat, each three hairs; B food other content and a food, just no meat, a hair five cents each. C dishes are far from, clear boiled green radish - seems to be just to hide it too thin, only symbolically float inside some hot pepper spray. However, the food price is cheap, five cents each.

A dish of each class is only in small basin, appears to eat the meat dishes of a few digital signage . C food is in a small basin, shows that people who eat this kind of inferior food there isn't much. Only b food every class with porcelain big footbath sheng, long sea sea, apparently most people eat this is neither luxurious nor humble dish. Staple foods in three classes: white MianMo, corn MianMo, broomcorn flour; White, yellow, black, color shows a difference; The students called Europe, Asia, Africa.

From this line a crow of people, most of them are from the countryside, on the face and body more or less marks of physical labor. Except for a person's clothes and their parents as rustic, these have been his father as "Sir", attired fairly decent. Although the farmers in poor mountainous areas are mostly eat less short of wear, but since the child to a great place to study, parents are biting their acquire, also want to do a few things to see them. Is, of course, the team seems to have a few good farmer families, the dress has no difference with that of children in the city, and on their arm through a crystal watch. Some of such "foreigners" between stood in public, like a standout, made no secret of his own superiority. They row behind the extraordinary a digital signs, although few Numbers, but particularly eye-catching.

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