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Dark souls 2 smith for life achievement guide

Dark souls 2 smith for life achievement guide

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7 Nov 2017 Trophy & Achievement Guide - Dark Souls 2 . Smith for Life, Silver, 30G, Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment, After finding the Dull Ember 22 Apr 2015 This section will cover some basics of how Dark Souls 2 works that is . blow up the wall to gain access to Steady Hand McDuff and the bonfire. 21 Jul 2014 16 Mar 2014 Smith for Life Achievement in Dark Souls II: Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment - worth 30 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement 1 Jun 2017 darksouls2 wiki. Bonfire Intensity, HP, Souls. 1, 1,860, 1,600. 2 ? 3,200. 8 ? 6,400 This unlocks the Smith For Life achievement/trophy.7 Apr 2015 As for the achievement itself, the Dark Souls II guide states that you must give McDuff 14,000 souls and then talk to him and he will give you a 7 Apr 2015 Smith for Life is an achievement in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment here is a video guide to help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SdBVfBep4c. Comment #2 by Shoopuffs. 6 Apr 2015 Right now the only information I can find online says you have to spend 14000 souls in McDuff's shop to get him to give you Only content directly related to Dark Souls 2 belongs in /r/DarkSouls2. Spoiler Tag Guide. 1 Jan 2016 Smith for Life Trophy.png. Smith for Life, external image trophy_bronze.png / 30G. Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment. Garrulous Miser

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