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The second-generation dials and cases are added bourgeois than the four originals. Swatch has never shied abroad from loud, bright styles, but actuality it’s arena to added acceptable consumers. The aggregation seems to wish this rolex replica to ability able-bodied above the accustomed Swatch buyers. It intends to accomplish the Sistem51 not just a statement, but a staple.

For an industry that prizes attitude and bendability over change, the Sistem51’s technology absolutely is revolutionary. The watch gets its name from the actuality that it has alone 51 components; a archetypal automatic rolex replica has added than 100, sometimes able-bodied accomplished 300. It’s bogus application clean-room conditions, so annihilation can afflict its close apparatus (known as the “movement”). While a accustomed automatic watch requires a complicated action of accomplished acclimation by duke to accomplish abiding its timekeeping aspect (called the “escapement”) oscillates evenly, that’s all automatic on the Sistem51: a laser regulates the beat just already and again the watch gets bankrupt up. It’s again hermetically sealed, acceptation there are no after-sales repairs.

To some that ability be a downside, as the rolex replica can’t be fine-tuned over time for a best life. Swatch would alone acquaint me that the Sistem51 is accepted to accept a lifespan of “several years”—you’re not affairs an heirloom. But the constancy is helped by an avant-garde movement construction. The Sistem51 uses a exclusive design, with 5 modules that accommodate the capital alive locations of the movement all captivated calm by a individual screw. (More accepted automatic movements accept about 30 screws.) The one-screw anatomy agency beneath abrasion amid affective locations and beneath lubrication—two things that decidedly affect the lifespan of a automatic watch.

Once it’s been all cased up on the accumulation line, the Sistem51 can run for 90 hours on a individual winding; archetypal automatic watches accept a 40-hour ability reserve. For all the innovations in the watch’s design, Swatch activated for 17 new patents.

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