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On top of ongoing support and management,

  With these details on the content information landscape, parameters can be defined for CMS selection. Without this dedicated team small businesses often outsource these services to a third party vendor, adding to the implementation costs.radial journal bearing Involve All Critical Stakeholders

  Just as it is important to have top management support for CMS implementations, it is equally crucial to encourage the participation of internal stakeholders. Subject matter experts (SMEs) with no technical knowledge must be absolutely comfortable using the system to achieve the exact look and feel they want for content presentation. The real work of owning a CMS begins after the site is live and as such CMS maintenance/support expenses far exceed purchase costs.

  Think of this step like vacationing in an exotic locale. Be sure to factor this into your overall costs and consider the TCO of an application to arrive at an informed decision. A CMS that requires extensive coding will definitely increase implementation costs. You need to factor in and expect that you will need to have some level of service be it from your internal IT department, your Web agency or your software vendor

  On top of ongoing support and management, you also need basic application and infrastructure support of the installed software. Involving non-technical SMEs in the design of the new CMS will also help minimize reluctance to use the system.

  How scalable and flexible is the CMS when it comes to incorporating new features or managing an explosion of content? You must make sure that the chosen CMS partner/vendor has the technological bandwidth and capability to quickly capitalize on emerging communication media. But for the vast majority, this is often overlooked as a part of an ongoing CMS implementation.

  Before installing a CMS, it is extremely important to identify key business goals that must be achieved.With an explosion of online content there is consequently an explosion of content management systems (CMS) available to help you manage that content, with literally thousands of vendors to sift through. Selecting the right CMS involves consideration of a host of factors, including:

Business goals can be defined around parameters like productivity, efficiency, quality, ROI, or branding. Hence, a CMS will only be effective if it can be rapidly configured and deployed, and as such, requires minimal training for use by non-technical professionals. And this is why most solutions you purchase will end up being junked after they fail to do what is asked of them.

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