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Namaz miraculously stops you from bad deeds

Muslims say prayers five times a day and it’s our religious duty that was far through Allah Almighty and its precious gift for the Muslims Ummah. Namaz is the soul of all prayers.The Pious ancestors have revealed this important statement that if a person does not perform his Salaah rightly, then the other Ibaadat performed by him or her is not accepted and if a person loves Salah and is punctual in his Prayers then by the Allah(SWT) Wills, his or her wrongs deeds will be forgiven. Therefore, we should try our best to offer our Namaaz and also show strictness and punctuality in our homes so that it would be a strong lesson for our children and our progeny.
If a person offer prayer five times a day and he or she performs all his duties as the individual or their social responsibilities, then Allah Almighty not only forgives their sins but also showered His blessing on that person. he develops a fear in his heart for any wrong deed before its execution. And he protects them of the whisperings of Satan. As we are well known for this fact that satin is the biggest enemy of faithful people. He always tries to urge yourself to make any mishap in every moment of life. He doesn’t want the man to get piousness and modesty. He always tries to inspire the person due to his wrong ideas that were chiefly put in our thoughts and then people commit sins. but if they have a strong faith and show punctuality in their prayers they would probably as much strong to reject these bad deeds. Because Allah Almighty has given a man with a nave himself that is continuously make aware of him through these types of actions. Its more than a miracle that when a person engages himself for the sake of Allah Almighty then he always feels the pricks of conscience inside him that make strong hindrance in the path of Satan.
There is a strong connection between the prayers and the action of any person in his or her life. Prayers have power to stop you from bad actions and your mishaps with others. Prayer is a source of mental satisfaction and spiritual happiness for a true Muslim. And those prayers which are offered in the house of Allah Almighty, did anyone can estimate the gratitude of their rewards? Surely no one so we should always be very careful and vigilant about our prayers. And we are offering you best chance to offering your prayers in the sacred places of Makkah and Medina. That’s why we are providing best Umrah Packages for Family from Birmingham, England economically and just according to your budget. It is more than any miracle that you should offer your prayers in the house of Almighty and the beloved Last Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH).

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