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Massage Tips - How to Give a Good Massage?

A good massage involves control, feeling and right timing. It is vital for the masseuse to be aware of the body and its reactions to his or her touch. A massage can defeat its own purpose of relaxation and healing if it is done incorrectly. A full attention is a must as the process of manipulating the body's tissues and muscles is a serious task. Here are some simple massage tips to ensure a good massage therapy at home.

The most important tool here is your hands. Many people like to go straight for the massage oils, but this is a mistake. While the oils can be a good idea, the best tools of the masseuse are the hands. Keep your hands smooth and clean as you get ready to pamper someone.

Apart from keeping your hands clean and smooth, you must take time to keep your hands presentable. Dirty hands must never be used to give a massage. For hygiene purposes, the fingernails must always be trimmed and kept clean to avoid accidental scratching that can spread any illness. Hands must also be warm too. go to the website 강남 출장

The posture of the person receiving the massage is another important matter. Make sure that the person is in a position that permits for a whole relaxation. In other words, the person should be in a comfortable position and not bent to one side. Since relaxation is very crucial, a pillow under the ankles can be a good idea to help balance out the body and place less pressure on the legs.

Another massage tips is the use of simple instructions. There is no need for you to over-lubricate the body parts to be massaged with oils. Make sure that the muscles that are being massaged are relaxed. A good massage is able to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase blood and lymph circulation and improve movements. With these simple massage tips, you will be making the whole experience one worth remembering. Have fun!

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