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German tanks not only learned to "Matador" mass control

However, it seems that more attention than the process, performing more exciting Spanish FIFA Ultimate Team, moves not only dazzling German-owned, is more important is that they can move in front of an enemy. In Loew's tune, German tanks not only learned to "Matador" mass control, but also take advantage of the body on its pressure defense to drive in order to achieve a pass control soccer, football strength high degree of integration, which makes Germany became the 32 most stressed overall pass control, play the most delicate and the most creative, while actual results achieved excellent FIFA Ultimate Team. Passing data of the German FIFA Ultimate Team is very alarming, according to FIFA's statistics, the semi-finals before 32 FIFA Ultimate Team averaged 390 times the number of passes, and the first six FIFA 15 of the German FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA 15 were actually reached about the number of passes 695 times, that the German FIFA Ultimate Team than all the FIFA Ultimate Team averaged more than pass the ball 305 feet, while the German FIFA Ultimate Team playmaker Crosby per FIFA 15 to pass more than 86 times, ranking top 32 players of all two. Header, kick, corner kick and pass control with the break, the group stage first German FIFA Ultimate Team to show the world they are strong and varied attack, asked Muller staged a "hat trick", the German FIFA Ultimate Team final 4: 0 completed the FIFA Ultimate Team's http://www.fifa15coinsjoy.com/ against Portugal, "bloodbath", with a victory opened the FIFA 15 tour.

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