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I am sick to death of visiting botters and hackers all. The majority of them are demon slayers. Several times I've been out Edelstein or Ellinia and have jumped from channel to channel, finding 1 or 2 bots on literally every station in some maps Cheap MS2 Mesos. I understand Nexon doesn't deal with botters very well, and that's another problem entirely, but I had an idea on how to potentially limit their creation. 99% of botters I visit have titles with a string of figures and characters. Could not you employ a text filter when someone tries to make a character and block the character based on this to recognize random strings?

And for your bot spammers that reside in FM1 and spam advertisements for illegal trading sites, could not a text filter be created to recognize the words that they use, assess if it has been repeated several times, then automatically ban them? I have been playing MS2 mesos for about 8 years now and I wish I could help out the community more by having the ability to just ban obvious botters using a couple clicks, since I run across them often. It is frustrating.

This amount includes various Procedures of payment converted into maplestory2 mesos

I returned to this match towards the end of last August, with the sole goal of trying to reach 2mil range, with no dipping into my pockets, needless to say. This was an accomplishment worth some thing , because of fairly obvious it's that 99 have invested a significant quantity of cash to'achieve' it.

Eight months later, after having accrued around 300bil worthiness of mesos without selling a single thing from leech (this number includes various procedures of payment converted into maplestory2 mesos with the conventional prices in the market ), I have accomplished my goal. I am a 212 Night Lord at Renegades that will solo the three legged Abyss bosses, Tough Magnus, and Hell Gollux.

However, rather than discovering this'end game' status rewarding, I simply find no difference whatsoever between where I am currently, as well as where I was a few months ago, when I was barely scratching through Hard Gollux.

During the three days following my solo, I've obtained a'total' from Chaos Root Abyss drops of 150mil. My converted income was 3bil daily to place this in view, in March. This 150mil (a pathetic 5 percent of this ) is not indicative of a Maplestory 2 Mesos minimal supply of items I might have (I attract fall mules in to all my runs, and have a limitless source of these); instead, it's simply due to the fact that these finish game falls are so typical that their market resembles that of'best competition,' where the'willingness to accept' for sellers is basically zero since these items don't have any value at all to them.

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